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Sea Cloud II

Sea Cloud IIIn 1994 Hamburg-based businessman and ship owner Hermann Ebel and his partner Harald Block took over the legendary SEA CLOUD. But even  then it was clear that for reasons of economy, they would need additional projects; SEA CLOUD  CRUISES’s entire organization was simply  too expensive for one single ship alone. The decision for a second  ship was also made easier by slight pressure from the SEA CLOUD’s charterers as their demand much outweighed supply.

The standard for the new ship was already set: If the new SEA CLOUD II was to sail  the Sea Cloud II _ RiggingKiel waters with her legendary sister, she could  only be a true windjammer with five-star luxury on board. And one more thing was beyond doubt from the start: The second ship from Sea Cloud Cruises should also be a square rigger. Because only a square rigger can give  passengers the best possible sailing experience.

From the start SEA CLOUD II was planned  as a “genuine” barque - a three-masted  sailing ship with two fully rigged masts and a spanker. Sea Cloud Cruises decided on a traditional, manually set rig, as was custom in the 20th century.The rigging is the soul of a sailing ship. It determines if man is equipped to compete with wind and waves. In Europe today there are only a few contractors capable of rigging large sailing ships. The necessary handcraft skills are nearly extinct in the computer age.

For the SEA CLOUD II the big day came on 6 February 2001 – twelve months later than originally planned, but now with symbolic meaning. Because 70 years earlier her older sister, the legendary SEA CLOUD, was christened at Kiel’s Germania shipyard.

Sea Cloud IIOn the day of her christening the SEA CLOUD II stood at the wharf of the Canary harbor city Las Palmas, beautifully polished after a stormy Atlantic crossing. And after an equally turbulent flight godmother Sabine Christiansen arrived on time. The TV host had been owner Hermann Ebel’s first choice – and the journalist and Sea Cloud enthusiast eagerly agreed.

Introduced by her colleague, longtime news anchorman Wilhelm Wieben, she spoke, “I christen you the ‘SEA CLOUD II’ and wish you and those who sail with you across the world’s oceans, a good trip always and ever six inches of water under your keel” – and with a skillful swing, Sabine Christiansen broke the champagne bottle into a thousand pieces across the ship’s bow.

Sea Cloud II - Stateroom Sea Cloud II - Stateroom
Sea Cloud II

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