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Rebate Policy

At Deluxe Voyages, we have the cruise lines charge our clients’ credit cards for cruise related payments, which provides clients with a direct contract with the cruise line on which they are booked. However, doing it this way, the most secure way for our clients, we are bound by the cruise lines’ credit card acceptance policies.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Silversea Cruises, SeaDream Yacht Club and Crystal Cruises no longer accept final payments by credit card for amounts lower than their official fare (please scroll down to read the cruise lines’ statements).

We hope that the cruise lines will rescind these policies soon, but in the meantime, Deluxe Voyages will continue to work around them. At Deluxe Voyages, we will continue to provide our clients with the best value in luxury cruises.

That does not only mean that our clients are receiving the best service, but the best price too, including rebates.

The Three Options to Work Around these New Policies:

  • Final payment by check
    This would enable clients to send us a check in the amount of our discounted fare. However, we discourage clients to do so, since this option provides less security for them. Not available for reservations on Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
  • Final payment by credit card - rebate given back in form of a shipboard credit
    Clients pay the “official fare” with a credit card, and will receive our rebate in form of a shipboard credit, we put on their shipboard account.
  • Final payment by credit card - rebate given back in form of a refund check
    Clients pay the “official fare” with a credit card, and will receive our rebate in form of a refund check. The check will be mailed to clients around the time of the sailing date, except for cruises on SeaDream Yacht Club, where it will be mailed around 4-6 weeks after the cruise.

We leave it up to our clients to decide which of these options works best for them.

Note: Effective 11/02/07, Crystal Cruises only allows agencies to return rebates to clients in form of shipboard credit. Rebates in form of cash, check and/or cash value items (gift cards, etc..) are now prohibited.

We highly discourage clients to book with any agency, that offers final payment by credit card on these cruise lines, for an amount lower than the “official fare”. This means that that agency charges clients’ credit cards, and sends agency checks to the cruise lines. This is inherently insecure!

At Deluxe Voyages, we have the cruise lines charge clients’ credit cards for cruise related payments, which provides clients with a direct contract with the cruise line on which they are booked. However, doing it this way, the most secure way for our clients, we are bound by the cruise lines’ credit card acceptance policies.

Crystal Cruises Payment Policy
Crystal Cruises Rebate Policy
Silversea Cruises Payment Policy
Regent Seven Seas Cruises Payment Policy

November 29, 2005

Dear Platinum Travel Partner,

At Crystal Cruises, we are steadfast in our commitment to provide luxury cruise vacations that you can sell with confidence and enthusiasm. We appreciate your efforts in promoting the Crystal Experience and recognize that you are a vital part of our continued success. In as much, we would like to ensure that all of our travel partners have the same opportunities to promote our product equitably.

In keeping with this commitment, I would like to announce a new policy regarding payments made by credit card. When making a full and complete payment by credit card on or after January 1, 2006 we will now only accept a payment that is for the total fare, as indicated on the booking confirmation.

With this change we hope to demonstrate, once again, our support for you by further attempting to eliminate rebating. As always, it is our goal to continue to build upon the reputation that has earned us (with your help) distinction in an industry that has become increasingly competitive year after year.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance in this matter and we look forward to maintaining a positive and successful partnership with you in the future.


William Smith
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Crystal Cruises

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E-mail received 11/02/07


Please be advised that effective immediately for all new bookings Crystal Cruises will apply commission penalties to any agency found to be offering consumers any kind of cash rebate, discount, payment in kind or in any other manner, a Crystal cruise fare below Crystal Cruises’ then applicable published savings rate, except as noted below or as otherwise agreed to in advance writing by Crystal Cruises’ Sales Department.

  • Agencies may offer clients value-added non-cash amenities including Crystal Onboard Credits, provided that the total value of any such amenities does not exceed 8% of the cruise revenue (cruise revenue defined as Crystal’s lowest published cruise fare less all applicable Crystal discounts) for the guest on any booking.
    • Gift cards or certificates having a cash value (e.g., Department store gift card, MasterCard cash card) are not permitted.
    • For purposes of the 8% limitation, any amenities offered or granted by a Group and by a member agency of a Group to a guest are combined.
  • A written warning will be issued to any agency found to be violating this new policy following each of the first two incidents.
  • In the event of a third violation, Crystal will provide written notice to the agency and pay a reduced commission on 1) the sale that violates the policy, and 2) all subsequent sales by the agency for up to 12 months, regardless of whether or not the future sales violate the policy. Crystal shall determine the amounts of any and all reduced commissions at its sole discretion up to a maximum of a 50% reduction in at-source commission.
  • Any suspected violation of this policy must be accompanied by written evidence and must be reported to Crystal Cruises’ Fare Compliance Department at: 310-407-5095 (ph); 310-843-2260 (fax); or

Over the last two years, Crystal has implemented several measures to reduce rebating and protect agents’ client base. Please visit for additional information regarding Crystal’s previously communicated policies.

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10/06/2005. © Seatrade Communications Limited, 2005. All rights reserved.

Silversea tightens anti-rebating policy

-- Silversea Cruises is taking steps to discourage travel agents from rebating commission to their customers by initiating a new credit card payment policy.

The move no longer allows agents to charge a client's credit card less than the full amount of a cruise purchase, a change that will make it harder for agents to rebate when clients use a credit card for payment.

‘Our new policy won’t eliminate rebating, but we will no longer be a facilitator. We're not saying agents cannot ever rebate commission back to clients, but we want them to re-evaluate their value and importance in today's market place,’ said Silversea ceo Albert Peter.

Peter added that agents need to focus on superior service and product knowledge over just getting clients the lowest price. ‘If price is all you can offer your clients, what's to stop them from abandoning you at any time for the agent offering a lower price down the street?’ Peter said.

‘Over the past few years, we've seen demand for travel return to pre-9/11 levels. As a result, overly generous booking incentives and agent rebating programs are no longer needed,’ according to Silversea's David Morris, svp sales North America.

‘Although a strong marketplace creates more demand and more consumer shopping, agents must realize that they're back in the driver's seat and shouldn't sell themselves short,' Morris added. 'They need to take greater control and promote the high level of service and expertise that they can offer clients beyond just price.'

Silversea said more than 90% of its bookings come from agents.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises Announces New Policies for Travel Agents

Commitment to our travel agent partners has always been one of our fundamental principles, and as our brand evolves from Radisson to Regent that commitment is unwavering.

To better support our agency partners and assist in maintaining our pricing integrity, we are instituting a new credit card payment policy.

Effective with new bookings as of September 1, 2006, Regent Seven Seas Cruises will only accept credit card payments for the full amount shown on the invoice at the time of final payment.

Although this will not put an end to the practice of rebating, it will help return the focus on identifying the right luxury cruise product for your discerning travelers without the concern that a competitor might fulfill the booking for fewer dollars. We believe that you should place more emphasis on providing the differentiated luxury experiences desired by your valued clients as they embrace The Regent Experience, rather than the level of discount offered.


Randall Soy, CTC
Vice President – Channel Sales
Regent Seven Seas Cruises

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